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Qualifying for a business loan from traditional financial institutions can be a challenge especially when you don’t have credit history or certain collaterals. This is especially tough for  nano-business and micro-business owners as there are multiple tedious documentation with unfamiliar language to prepare, which can come across as intimidating. Also, depending on the amount needed for the loan, it’s not a guarantee that your  application will be successful.

This is where micro-financing comes in. So What is it?

Micro-financing are loans given in small amounts with relatively short repayment periods of 12-18 months that requires little or no collateral. Typically offered to MSME’s and underserved segments that can include sole proprietors or micro-enterprises who may have little or no access to financial services or options from regular financial institutions.

Growth’s got to start somewhere. But sometimes it doesn’t happen as fast as we’d like it to. That’s why Boost Credit wants to give you the push your business needs

Over the years, micro-financing has risen in popularity, especially in the past two years, with more fintech companies like Boost offering help for MSMEs to stay afloat during the pandemic phase, serving as a new cashflow lifeline.


Capital by Boost Credit 

Obtain financing from as low as RM1,000 and up to RM100,000 No Guarantor or Collaterals Required

Boost Credit, is our AI- based lending business which offers a Shariah-compliant micro-financing facility based on Commodity Murabahah called ‘Capital’. Through Capital by Boost CreditMSMEs can obtain financing from as low as RM1,000 and up to RM100,000 over a tenure of 12-months at a low profit rate of 1.5% per month.

The application process is easy, fully digital and can be done in under 10 minutes, in which the funds will be disbursed within 48 hours (2 working days) directly into their bank account upon approval.

Capital is open to all micro-enterprises including Boost Biz merchants, where they can apply directly from the , whereas non-Boost Biz merchants can apply online here.


Getting financing should not be difficult. With Capital, you may apply for financing through an online application and receive financing up to RM100,000 within 48 hours.

Terms and conditions apply.

Expand your business with Capital by Boost Credit financing up to RM 100,000 at 1.5% per month profit rate.

Immediate financing decision for this 12-month tenure financing facility.


  • Your Full Name as per NRIC
  • Your Business Name, Business Registration No. and Business Category as per registered with SSM
  • Access to camera feature (either with laptop or with the camera on mobile device) for verification purposes
  • Your latest 6 months company bank account e-statements

 Apply online for FREE here.

Loan Application is FREE


You just need to prepare the required application details required as above and just apply online even using your mobile phone or devices.


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